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At Triple R we produce oil filtration systems with just one goal in mind: active oil purification.

It’s an absolute necessity for any industry, because an oil film has to guarantee the perfect lubrication of hydraulic machinery and gearboxes. But perfect lubrication requires 100% clean oil. Unfortunately more than 70% of all hydraulic machinery are highly contaminated (>NAS 9, >ISO 21/18/16). Here you can learn how to improve oil cleanliness and how to choose for effective oil filtration equipment. It’s easy because…


Solid particles






Air bubbles

Triple R Bypass Oil Cleaners are designed to effectively remove all contaminants

The result is a perfectly clean oil thanks to 3-in-1 oil purification.

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Solid particles

Solid particles flow through the hydraulic system under high pressure and at high speed and sandblast its components.


Sludge contamination is the least recognized regarding hydraulic equipment contamination. Varnish is not measured during oil analysis.


Changes in temperature, leaking oil coolers, inadequate oil drum storage outside, and others, all lead to developing water contamination.

Air bubbles

When vapor bubbles become rapidly pressurized, destructive microjets of oil can collide with machine surfaces at extremely high velocities.

Oil analysis

Measuring is knowing. Know how to read and understand your oil analysis data.

Guaranteed clean

Triple R does not sell “micron ratings”, we sell the guarantee for “perfectly cleaned oil”. No cure? No pay!

Bypass oil cleaning

Triple R bypass oil cleaners remove particles down to 2 micron, but also remove water and oxidation residues.

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