Why use Triple R Oil Purifiers?

No more oil changes

Extend your oil life by up to 50,000 hours and save up to 90% on your oil related expenses!

No wear, no breakdown

Eliminate valve and pump failures, ensuring no sudden machine breakdowns, production losses, or expensive replacements of for servo-valves, proportional valves, and sophisticated pumps!

Extend full-flow filter life

Reduce the load on full-flow filters, saving on the cost of changing very costly full-flow filters, and minimizing their energy consuming and polluting disposal!

Avoid breakdowns & standstill

Well-oiled machines never fail, fulfilling the dream of every production or plant manager.

Increase machine reliability

Clean oil keeps your machines running smoothly, preventing unplanned downtime or breakdowns.

Increase machine availability

Reliable machines lead to significantly higher production output. Imagine increasing your production capacity by 3%, 5%, 10%, or more…

Increase production output

No downtime means more production, period.

Save money

Reduced downtime lowers maintenance costs and increase your company’s profitability – isn’t that every company’s goal?

Total Oil Management

At TRIPLE R we have all the tools for total oil management

A wide range of highly effective oil purification systems.
In field oil cleaning & oil analysis services = total oil management solutions.
Custom-made engineering.

Get your machinery cleanliness levels

Use the ISO cleanliness codes to set the target alarms for your machinery cleanliness levels.

Every system requires a certain level of cleanliness. The degree of purity greatly​ depends on the type of components installed on your machinery.

We recommend to check what type of components you have and to set your oil cleanliness targets accordingly. Download the file below to compare your oil cleanliness target with the level of oil cleanliness that you have in your systems today.

Remember: new, fresh oil isn’t clean. It’s often too contaminated to run on machinery, like for test stands or hydraulic systems steered by servo-valves.

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