BU series

Typical applications

  • All sorts of hydraulic systems with continuous pressure and fitted with servo-valves or proportional valves, or  other high-tech hydraulic equipment.
  • Typical application: Plastic Injection moulding machines
  • Mobile hydraulic equipment, like excavators, cranes, container lifts, logging harvesters, piling machines, drilling machinery, etc.
  • Die-casting machines, metal working machines, like bending-, cutting-, punching machines.

Case studies

Download the case studie of 

Download the case studie of 

Download the case studie of 

Industries where you can use the BU Series


Our 40 years of experience keep us in the forefront for maintenance of marine machinery.

Wind energy

The wind power generation industry is growing a phenomenal rates all over the world.


Test benches and Skydrol oil, but also airport equipment are typical Triple R applications.


Railway maintenance systems are very sophiticated hydraulic machinery.

Construction machinery

Triple R has a long and intensive cooperation with the construction machine market.

Paper industry

Triple R meets the challenges of the pulp and Paper Industry by providing depth filters and purification systems.

Steel & Iron

Triple R fluid purification systems serve steel and other manufacturers.

Car Manufactirers

Triple R has a long record of providing auto manufacturers with a wide range of filter products.

Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic systems have always been our core business.

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