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Guaranteed Clean Oil

Triple R does not sell "micron ratings", we sell the guarantee of "perfectly clean oil". No cure? No pay!

Do you need an oil filter for improving your oil cleanliness?
No problem, you can probably find a filter supplier on every corner nowadays.
But what's the point if you do not know if that filter will keep your lubricants clean?

Triple R differentiates itself from all other filter suppliers by guaranteeing PERFECTLY CLEAN OIL!
Triple R does not sell oil filters, but CLEAN OIL. No false promises, only guaranteed results.

Whatever the application, whatever the contamination level, with a Triple R bypass oil cleaner you can rest assured that you buy a solution for your contamination problem.

Guaranteed clean oil

35 years of experience and continuous R&D made Triple R to be thé reference when it comes to bypass oil filtration.

All TRIPLE R filter elements are tested according to the Multipass Test ISO 4572.
Meaning that every µ-rating and beta value we state, results from extensive testing performed by an official and certified Multipass Test Laboratory.

Our µ-ratings are always ABSOLUTE (beta x > 75) and never an "irrelevant" NOMINAL value.

Be cautious of counterfeit and untruthful bypass filter manufacturers/suppliers claiming absurd 0,1 µ filter ratings, 2kg of particle and 2 liters of water absorption capacities! It can save you a lot of trouble afterwards.


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