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Bypass Versus Line Filter

"My machine already has a line filter, so why is my oil still contaminated?"

There are 2 major reasons why Triple R bypass oil cleaners are so much more efficient and effective than inline filters.

  1. Triple R filters are always installed in a "bypass" loop on the machine. Meaning that Triple R filters never have to suffer from high flow rates, flow pulsations and pressure peaks and pulsations. A Triple R filter element can always perform under perfect physical conditions:

    a. Reduced flow,
    b. Minimal pressure
    c. No stress by flow and pressure pulsations.
  2. A filter medium with a thickness of 114mm, that's real "depth filtration". Now, compare that with a Pall, Hydac, Mahle, Donaldson or other inline filter. What’s is their filter mass? How thick is the filter medium the oil (and particles) has to flow through? Maybe 1 or 2 mm?

Bypass vs Line filter

That’s >50x thinner than a Triple R element!

Now imagine that such a thin filter has to deal with high flow, high pressure, continuous flow and pressure pulsations... I guess it’s very obvious that in such circumstances most particles are just flushed through the filter. That is why line filters can never reach the promised and stated micron ratings.

And this is the right moment to deal with inline filters’ “micron rating illusion”...

Be aware that micron ratings are just meant to compare different brands, but a micron rating does not give any guarantee for achieving a certain NAS or ISO cleanliness of the oil.

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