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Our Triple R bypass filter for engines, that's where it all started 40 years ago.

Triple R was developed for the US Armed Forces in the 1960’s.

Successfully and safely extending oil drain intervals in military equipment from tanks to helicopters.

By the end of the 80's over 500,000 commercial buses, trucks and other equipment had Triple R retrofitted to save on oil costs and reduce engine wear.

The latest product offering from Triple R includes a new line of OEM Series (Private branded housings and elements). This compliments the TR series that is being used worldwide.

Installation is simple and ongoing maintenance is just a case of changing out an element. This element change would occur instead of an oil drain. In some cases the oil will never have to be changed but for most applications we recommend an oil drain after 4 element changes.

The impact on productivity, less trips to the shop = more miles on the road Less oil purchased = less oil used is a big plus for the environment as well as the bottom line profit of an operator.

Why choose Triple R oil cleaner:

  1. Cost Saving
  2. Improves Production Reliability
  3. Environmentally Friendly

Triple R products

  • TR-series


  • Japanese POST: 30.000 trucks fitted with Triple R
  • Evolia - NL
  • Van Werven
  • Zutphen Town Bus Company
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The large capacity oil cleaner!

OTP Industrial Solutions has been appointed as the authorized distributor for the Mid-West USA.

Branches throughout Mid-West include:

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