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Numerous Industries Use Triple R Filters

A true testament to the efficiency of Triple R products is the fact that almost 90% of the world's major manufacturers of Plastics Injection Molding Machines (IMM's) install Triple R BU or SE series filters as standard or recommended optional equipment.

The plastic industry employed the use of proportional and servo valves many years ago and soon discovered that what used to be adequate oil filtration was not the case any longer.

The perfect solution was to add Triple R and use the existing hydraulic pumps and bleeding 10-15 % through the sub-micron filter. Oil is maintained at 5 grades cleaner that new, cleaner than servo valve spec.

Let us apply a filter solution to your industry.
Of all the filter industries that we have served, we are proud most proud of our enterprise level clients.

These are some of the world's largest companies, in some of the highest demand industries and they chose us.
They rely on Triple R's premium oil filters and products to obtain the most thorough oil filtration possible.

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The large capacity oil cleaner!

OTP Industrial Solutions has been appointed as the authorized distributor for the Mid-West USA.

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